What is a Projector in Human Design?

An introduction to the Projector type

Ana Saldamando
3 min readApr 14, 2021


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Instead of asking “what’s your sign?” certain circles are now asking “what’s your design?” More specifically, what’s your type?

There are 5 types in Human Design — Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector — determined by your birth date, time, and location (similar to calculating your sign in astrology).

Projectors make up about 22% of the population and are the newest energy type, here to lead us in a new direction. Here’s what you need to know about Projectors.

The Projector: Wait for it… Recognition! Success!

The Projector type is referred to as a “non-energy” type because all Projectors have an undefined sacral center on their Human Design chart. Translation: they’re not here to be consistent doers like Manifesting Generators and Generators. While Projectors can ride the energy of those around them, they should only do so for a period of time. In fact, some Human Design experts recommend that Projectors only work a few hours a day to avoid burnout, their Achilles’ heel!

Why is this? Projectors are here to guide others. Like a good coach, their gift is to help direct their players instead of playing the game themselves. Projectors make excellent leaders, CEOs, therapists, organizers, and life coaches because of their calm objectivity and ability to take a bird’s eye perspective of life and its workings.

The Projector's strategy is to wait for the invitation before acting or doing when it comes to sharing their wise perspective with others. This looks like not giving unsolicited advice or pitching a project. Because of their penetrating aura, Projectors can see deeply into others — which isn’t always welcomed! When Projectors don’t follow their strategy and push themselves and what they see onto others, they will experience resistance and can become bitter.

Projectors must learn how to only engage their energy with the right people and opportunities — those who really value and recognize them—to avoid bitterness. Then Projectors can experience success, which is the telltale sign that they’re on track.



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